At GiveMore, we pride ourselves in practicing what we preach. Our Consultants have learned from delivering projects across a variety of customers and industries and can provide guidance in all aspects of project delivery. We share with you our practical insights around things that haven’t worked as well as those that have.

Setting up for Success

GiveMore will work with you to identify and implement practices and processes that allow projects and programs to be set up for success. We understand the importance of establishing strong foundations in successful projects, our experience, frameworks, practices and tools will enable this.

  • Help Identify & Articulate Business Outcomes

  • Appropriate Governance Structures

  • Required resourcing and team structures

  • Establishment of effective Ways of Working

  • Project Lifecycle and deliverables

Health Checks and Practical Plans to Course Correct

Where there may be flags indicating challenges with in-flight projects, GiveMore can help identify the specifics and root causes of these. We can provide a roadmap of options and recommendations for improvements and actionable plans supported by framework, practices and tools to remediate issues.

  • ‘Desktop’ Health checks

  • ‘Hands on’ assessments and deep dives

  • Options and recommendations with actionable plans

  • Supported by our team & consumable tools and techniques

Better Ways of Working and Agile Practices

GiveMore consultants have hands on experience working with organisations who have moved to an Agile delivery approach including the associated challenges, we can provide practical experience of how to make Agile work for you. We can help establish effective ways of working allowing your people to be successful, whilst ensuring appropriate governance practices are place.

  • Case studies, Agile playbook and tools

  • GiveMore consultants with practical Agile execution experience

  • Agile application within organisational constraints

  • Access to formal training for individuals and teams from Agile 1-o-1 to recognised certifications